FxPro Announces Sponsorship of Professional MMA Fighter, Aleksandr Chizov

LONDON, U.K., [28th of July 2023] — FxPro, the leading global forex broker, is excited to announce its official sponsorship of Aleksandr Chizov, an accomplished professional mixed martial artist from Latvia.

The multi-year agreement exemplifies FxPro's commitment to supporting outstanding talent and reflects the company's innovative spirit, embodied by Chizov, who has showcased his dedication, discipline, and strategic skills in the MMA arena.

'Aleksandr is an exceptional athlete who has achieved significant milestones at a young age. His continuous growth, dedication, and resilience align perfectly with FxPro's values,' commented Ilya Holeu, Chief Product Owner & CMO at FxPro. 'We are proud to support Aleksandr's journey as he represents not only his country but all those who dare to aim high and push their limits like a real Pro.'

A four-time Latvian champion and three-time Baltic champion, Chizov has garnered the titles of European and World Champion and is now setting his sights on the PFL Championship. He is currently competing in the PFL European Lightweight tournament, representing the strength and determination of European athletes.

Chizov, 25, made a significant stride towards his ambition by clinching a victory against Spain's Acoidan Duque in the quarterfinals held in Berlin on July 8th. The triumph secured his position in the semifinals, scheduled to take place on September 30th in Paris, where Chizov will face John Mitchell from Ireland.

'The backing of a globally recognised brand like FxPro gives me an extra push to perform at my best. This collaboration is not just a sponsorship; it's a partnership where success is a shared goal,' Chizov commented.

FxPro invites fans and supporters to follow Aleksandr's journey as he prepares for his upcoming fights. The PFL tournament's final showdown is set for December 8th in Dublin, Ireland.

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